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Watch Dealer Commits Suicide Video

Watch Dealer Commits Suicide Video
Watch Dealer Commits Suicide Video

NEW: Watch dealer commits suicide 24 hours after being robbed and choked for high-value watches

The robbery happened on Saturday afternoon when two men stormed the store in Richmond, south-west London

‘He was very depressed after the robbery and was filled with a lot of worry especially after it was established that around £2.8million worth of watches had been stolen.’

The thieves reportedly tied Oliver White to a chair while they stole numerous Rolex watches

‘Olli was petrified that he could lose all that he owns and that they might even take his mother’s house.’

White was found dead in his home in Shepperton, north Surrey, after concerns for his safety were raised on Sunday evening

‘He was also traumatised by what happened and became very fearful about the impact this robbery could have on his and his family’s financial future. He just didn’t know what was going to happen.’ A close friend said